Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 16 - Happy New Year!

Aaaahhhhh! Finally! My first morning that I actually woke up at a decent time! 6:30! Breakfast was great as usual and we even got extra hot chocolate today. We got up to go to the Catacombs today.

We left at about 8:30 to catch a train towards the catacombs. We got there at 9 o'clock when they opened at 10! Nice planning ahead Dad! Actually, it was! By 9:30 the line stretched all the way to the next street! Ryan and I played DS while waiting. Once it opened, we went inside. (I know... I'm Cpt. OBVIOUS!!!! Tra la laaaaa!) Inside, there were about 128 steps down to the bottom. Clumsy Dad tripped at the bottom! (Who trips at the bottom of a flight of stairs! You've already finished the hard part!) Anyway, inside, there were dark tunnels, blocked off passageways and crumbling stones underfoot. It felt so much like a video game! Then we got too the awesome part. There were bones piled up agains the walls in patterns. Skulls, femurs, shins and arm bones all lined up about 2m high going on for a kilometre! There were even mini citadels carved into the walls! By now i seriously thought we were in the set of 'The Mountain of the Dead' from 'The Lord of the Rings'!

We exited by climbing about 100 steps which got us seriously tired out. We then went to lunch with Papa and Marie-France. We went to a restaurant called the Institute. This was across the road from the 'Institute of the Arab World'. This building was cool because the whole south wall was covered in windows that open and close depending on how much sunlight there is!

Finally we went back home and it's now 2pm. This means it's New Year in Australia! Mum did some washing while 'Da Boiz' got to Chilaks! We are now at Papa and Marie-France's place relaxing for a sort of 'New Years Eve thing'.

Happy New Year everyone!

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