Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 2 - Adventures in Tokyo


This is day two of Japan and it was jam-packed.

We woke up at 7:30 and went down for breakfast at a nice French restaurant that served very nice croissants and hot chocolate. After that we went for a walk-about and at 9am we went to the hotel lobby to meet our guide for the day. Her name was Chie and she was very nice and polite. First, we hopped on a train to go and see the fish markets. The retail area was pretty awesome but once you got into the wholesale region there was no going back. The aromas in that place were amazing, the skills on the men preparing fish were immaculate and the quality of the fish was first-class. After the fish markets, we headed to Hama-rikyu Gardens - a sort of traditional Japanese Garden. There were amazing sights to see there as well as some very interesting information to be learnt. Afterwards, we went on a ferry under lots of bridges and wound up in a place Asakusa. We had very nice Soba Noodles there with boiled Omizu. (Omizu means water). We then went to the touristy markets and the Asakusa Temple - Senso-Ji. In the markets there was my home, my destiny. A NINJA STORE! Katanas, shriukins and robes! I was in heaven. We then took another train to a different Japanese Garden - Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens. This was a bit more exciting as we got to feed ducks and Koi (Fish). There were also many interesting monuments and trees. Finally, we went to the some viewing deck of a government building from which we could see almost all of Tokyo. We could even see Mt Fuji. After this we said goodbye to our guide Chie and hopped onto a train back to the hotel. We haven't had dinner yet so I'll tell you all about that tomorrow. Sayanara!

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