Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 1 - Flight and Tokyo

I know i'm writing this on the 17th, but just imagine that it is the 16th. Yesterday was pretty uneventful... We woke up at 5am and then got on a plane at 9:20. We stayed on the plane for 9.5 hours and during this time i managed to watch 3 movies, play heaps of games and got pampered to death by flight attendants. We got out of the plane to be welcomed into Japan by a massive line at customs - We waited there for 30mins! Finally we were out of customs and we bought 20,000 Yen worth of train tickets. The train trip lasted about 1hr. Btw, the train was super sophisticated. It had 3 screens in each carriage, a baggage compartment, bins and the seats were almost identical to the ones on the plane. There is a video an picture later on to show u. We got to our hotel at 8pm and had dinner at a nice Japanese restaurant. We got to bed and just crashed.

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