Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 11 - Bonjour Paris

Today we woke up at 6am to getto the airport. We caught the train again and when we got there we went through customs and bought breakfast. We had croissants and hot chocolates again. We then had a lok around some shops and played DS while we were waiting for the plane. We got onto the plane at 10:35 and took off at 11:05. During the 11.5 hour flight i watched 5 movies including Robin Hood, Ratatouille and Shrek: Forever After. I also played heaps of Tetris. We got into Paris at 3:30pm local time. It felt so weird being on a plane for 13 hours and only having a 4 hour difference.

We left the airport, checked into our hotel, had dinner and crashed!

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