Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 6 - Nara and Kyoto

Today was very good. Not awesome but still - very good.

First thing in the morning we had breakfast delivered to us. Real traditional Japanese breakfast - rice, bread, fish - the lot. I didn't like it very much. Next we went down to the lobby and waited for our guide. She was a bit late so i got a bit of time to read. We hopped on a train bound for Nara and waited for 45mins to get there.

Once in Nara we took a bus to a temple that holds the Big Buddha. We hopped off the bus to be greeted by HEAPS of deer. Nara is famous for its deer and it should be. These deer have evolved to live in the same space as humans and don't even flinch when you touch them. We walked through these herds of deer just roaming on the streets and made our way to the Bug Buddha. Outside the temple we met our friend Kelly from Kobe. The temple was really big and cool as we got to walk around inside it and take photos. Inside there was a pillar that had a hole in it the size of Buddha's nostril. Kids were aloud to squeeze through it so Ryan and I had a go. It was a tight fit but i did make it. We walked outside of the main complex and bought some biscuits to feed the deer. These deer REALLY like their biscuits. We were rammed and shoved and butted and when we'd run out of biscuits they had a go at eating out jackets. It was an invigorating experience.

After leaving the temple we walked through a park to another shrine (boooorrrring) which had heaps of stone lanterns. After seeing and exploring it, we walked back into Nara for lunch. We had Japanese Pizza! SOOOOOOO YUMMMMY! Finally we said goodbye to Kelly and caught a train back to Kyoto.

On the way back to Kyoto we stopped of at another shrine (Another one???!?!?!?) which had a road of gates. These gates went on for 2 hours worth of walking just not touching one another. It looked amazing. We left and went all the way back to Kyoto. After getting back to Kyoto we went up a big hill that was a massive Cemetery. The art on each tomb stone was exuberating. After that we caught a bus home and said goodbye to our guide.

Oh my gosh... I have to go, Dad asked Ryan to sit on his back and Ryan crunched it! Dad went IIYAHHHHHH!!!!! OOOOOOHHHHHH!!!! Sayanara!

P.S All posts now have photos from this post back... YAY! FAST INTERWEBBY!!!

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  1. ewwww... you crawled in Buddhas nose ! Gross! LOL
    We're having lots of fun reading your posts here!