Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 5 - Gion

Last night we went to a very traditional part of Kyoto called Gion. This is a place that hasmany temples, shrines and traditional Japanese houses/buildings. We had a walk around and in particular went to a shrine that had one hundred paper lanterns hanging from it. It was night time so we got to see them lit up.

After this we went back into Gion and had a look around for dinner. We ended up eating at around 6:30 - before the dinner rush - at a Tepan-yaki place in one of the alleyways. This place is cool because they cook the food right on your table and then leave it there to warm it while you are eating. This place was very yummy and we had a great time there. After this we felt that we were still hungry and ended up going across the road for some Yakatori which is basically skewers. They were a nice nibbly snack and they filled us up. I'm tired now so g'night.

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