Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 4 - Bullets!

Today was an early start... 6am! We woke up so early so we could catch the bullet train to our next destination - Kobe. We arrived at the station and waited almost an hour for the train. This was OK because I got to read my book - The CHERUB series. We hopped on the train ready for a 3 hour ride. During this time I read, played Pokemon with Ryan and looked at Mt Fuji! Mt Fuji was pretty cool but we couldn't see most of it because of cloud cover.
After getting off the train we walked to our hotel to dump our bags and keep our day packs for the rest of the day. We caught a subway train to the local church where our friend is. We stayed there for the whole afternoon and evening talking the local Christian community and eating dinner and listening to a Christmas sermon by and Aussie guy! Overall today was very relaxed and enjoyable. Cya tomolo! We are having adventures in Kobe and a train to Kyoto!

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  1. I'm enjoying reading your comments.... from mum's friend Karen