Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 14 - Egypt, Cathedral and Swords!

Today was an early start. We had to get to the Louvre one hour before it opened so we could get there before everyone else! (Brilliant decision. At 11:00 the line was stretched out for miles!) We lined up and Ryan and I played DS until it had opened. Once it did we filed in and showed our pre-bought tickets to the guy.

We decided to go to the Ancient Egyptian display first which was pretty cool. We got to see heaps of old tablets and statues. Even some carvings of baboons which dad said i looked like. (Frankly, I did not see either the humor or the resemblance!) We got to see stuff that was almost 6000 years older than us. (Pretty weird) My favourite thing was the statue of Horus.

After the Egyptian part we went onto the classical greece display. This held statues, statues and more statues. (What did I expect, you ask? Swords, mythology and statues. I was 1 third satisfied) Some of the statues were pretty cool such as Hercules slaying the Nemean Lion. And Athena in Battle-Armour. My favourite was Perseus killing the Medusa.

Next we went into the room that had a big wall in it. This wall had bullet-proof glass on it. This glass had a painting behind it. This painting had eyes that followed you. Yes, it was the Mona Lisa. Mum and Dad told me that I was going to be underwhelmed which was kind of an understatement. It was like "Walk in. Look at it. Realise it's the most famous painting in the world. Wonder why that is. Give up. Leave. Become left pondering on the fact that you just saw the Mona Lisa and feel nothing."

We finally left the Louvre and headed on to find some lunch. I got a nice sandwich with chicken, parmesan and lettuce. While eating, Mum and Dad were in the line to get into the Notre Dame! Once inside we weren't allowed to talk as there was a service going on. Inside there was a statue for almost every saint ever made! There was also some nice windows that I am sure Ryan will tell you about.

After the Notre Dame we went to The Musee D'Armee. (Museum of Arms and Armour, weapons, warfare, the like.) We went inside and (of course) went straight to the medieval period. Swords, Armour, Horse bards. I was in heaven. My favourite thing in there was a mounted knight with a lance in hand and a sword on his belt.

After this Ryan and Dad enjoyed looking at the Modern Warfare area which included tanks, guns and artillery. We finally went to Napoleons tomb which Ryan and Dad also enjoyed. These two places were alright but I'm always at home with swords, bows and arrows.

Finally we went home via the supermarket where Ryan and I bought these massive bottles of Fanta. It looks like we are gonna have crab for dinner tonight so Bye!

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