Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 15 - Monet and Paris

Good morning! Today we got up at about 7:00 for breakfast although Ryan and I were awake waaaaaayy b4 that! (Jetlag) After breakfast we got n a train bound for the Musee du L'Orangerie. This is my mum's favourite museum in the whole world because it has Monet's Water-lillies. She said that she would sit there for hours in that oval-shaped room just looking at them. There were some other paintings in the museum as well such as some Picasso and Renoir paintings.

After the museum we went to the Opera! (suburb) To look for some shoes because mine are too small. We looked around for about an hour but with no great success. (No success at all really). We left in shame and went to Trocadero. This suburb is at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. We ended up having lunch there and what a lunch it was! We had a dinner-lunch type of thing! It took so long we were nearly late for our next big event!

If you haven't guessed already, 'our next big event' meant going up the Eiffel Tower! We waited in line for about 10 mins and then at the elevator doors for about 30. Once up to the 2nd level we could see heaps of stuff! Like, all of Paris. It then came the time when we were to go up to the top. At the top we were disappointed. We were in a cloud. WAAAAAAHHHHHH! We could see about 10 metres ahead of us but not any further. It was a cool experience but we didn't see very much. We went back down and were excited. "We just went to the highest place in Paris!"

After the Eiffel Tower we went towards the station but on the way we bought some fairy floss. It cost us 3 Euros but it was soooooooooooo worth it! It was massive! The biggest portion on fairy floss I had ever seen! It was sooooooo yummy.

After this we went to some missionaries who were living in France. Over there we had some afternoon tea and Ryan and I played a game with them called Carem. Apparently, this is a world-chapionship board game! We went back home to the hotel to pick up some things b4 going to Papa's place for dinner.


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