Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 7 - Kyoto and Osaka

Hey everybody! Hows Christmas preps going? You can hardly go two steps without noticing that it's Christmas soon over here!

This morning we had Octopus for breakfast. YUUUUUUUMMMMMMIIIII! After this we checked wheter it was raining because that would change our whole day if it was. Sadly, it wasn't. We started walking to the Shogun's Castle in Kyoto to have a little look-see. It ended up being about 15 mins away which wasn't too far. We approach it and it has this massive moat around it. Im thinking This is going to be sooooooo awesooooome!!!!!!! We walk in and find that it is being refurbished because a fire destroyed it in 1788 ad no-one was bothered to try and fix it till now! Sadly it was being refurbished more for show that for defences so it didn't look as awesome. Even so, i had a good time there as we got to walk inside!

After this we caught a cab to the Imperial Grounds of Kyoto. This was absolutely breathtaking! Mostly because we had to run to catch the next tour. I wasn't too crash hot on taking a tour because it was gonna take soooooo lloooooooong! Anyway, we got to see some cool architecture. I wasn't having such a great time but dad seemed like he was in heaven. (BTW he's in a different type of heaven right now. He's in the bath which is really deep and listening to a podcast... lol!)

After leaving the Imperial Grounds we hopped on a train bound for Osaka. We planned to go to the AQUARIUM!!!!! Once there we walked through a massive tube full of fish and sharks. I thought it was amazing that the sharks didn't eat the other fish! My three favourite tanks were - The Sea otters. They were absolutely massive! They kept rolling about and we got to see them being fed. Next, the Whale Sharks! The were more massive than the sea otters! We got to see them being fed as well and they were like fishy vacuum cleaners! Finally, i liked the sardines! They were controlled by one "hive mind" (at least that's what i thought it was...) We left the aquarium and hopped on a train bound for Osaka Castle!

Once at Osaka Castle we walked through the double moat system and got into the main complex. We didn't pay to go up into the castle itself because it was getting dark but we looked at it from below. It looked so Awesome! It had never had an attempt to refurbish it so it was completely battle ready. We got one awesome souvenir - a coin! This was no ordinary coin... was a Castle coin! We got to put in a punch machine and it printed our name on it!

Finally we went back to Kyoto and had the same dinner as yesterday! Goodnight!


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