Monday, December 20, 2010

Day 5 - Adventures in Kobe and Kyoto!

I woke up at 6am this morning but that was just my bad luck. I am so spent right now it's not funny. It's about 4pm and I could sleep right now.

Anyway, this morning was a slow start. I had a nice bath and a good breakfast which consisted of two lovely croissants and a 'Premium Hot Chocolate'. We then waited for our friend Kelly Nichols who has lived here for 2 years. She had offered to show us around from 10am until lunch.

First, we went to a really expensive supermarket and had a look at how outrageously priced some Australian fruit was. $100 for a rock melon! We then went to a 100 Yen store where absolutely everything cost 100 Yen! This is equivalent to about $1.10. We picked up heaps of things including lollies and drinks. After this we went on a huge walk to this observation building from which you could see all of Kobe. Finally we went and looked for lunch which took as long as day 3 to find. (read day 3 blog).

After saying goodbye to Kelly we hopped on a train back to our hotel. We then picked up our bags and hopped on another train to the express station. We caught a 1 hour train to Kyoto and checked into our hotel. While in our hotel, mum did some washing, dad went put shopping and Ryan and I played and awesome game on all the mattresses and dunas.

Cya tomorrow. I'll tell you about dinner then as well.

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