Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 10 - Merry Christmas

Sayanara! Bonjour! Away form Japan and off to France! Yipee!

Today was awesome! I woke up at 7:00 to type up some stuff and get ready to leave. For breakfast we had lovely chocolate croissants and French Toast! We also had another Premium Hot Chocolate.

After breakfast we went to Ueno Park which had shrines, tombs and memorials to the war fought in 1860. We also called Melbourne and chatted to everyone on the Coates side of the Family.

Next, we went to the Imperial Gardens to have a look-see. I didn't want to go so they left me in a Waiting Room and i played DS. I did getto see the best bits of the garden though. There was a big screen scrolling through videos of the most awesome parts of the garden.

After the gardens we went to a Pokemon Centre to see what it was like. Not much and a bit of a disappointment because it was mainly set up for little kids. The only thing worth while was a copy of Pokemon Black/White. It was only in Japanese so we didn't get it.

After this we went to a small garden and Ryan and I played a Ninja vs Archer game in the hills using them as cover.

We left for Asakusa to go shopping for souvenirs and stuff. We aso had lunch there which was SO good! We bought a tea pot and some sweet dumpling thing.

Finally, we went to Akihabara again. We went to a massive Electronic store and looked for English games but they didn't have any. We then went to an arcade and played heaps of games! I was having so much fun.

We then had dinner which was yummy and we even got free ice blocks! We caught a train home and now I'm here blogging. LATER!

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