Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Night 13 - Fancy!

Tonight we went to dinner with Papa and Marie-France. We walked to a half French, half Italian restaurant which looked rather special. We walked in to an empty restaurant but the staff were there and there was music playing so they were obviously open. Dinner wasn't going to be served for another half hour so we sat and had a drink and talked.

Once dinner was ready to be ordered the restaurant had gradually filled up. I chose a plate that had 3 pasta rolls which had rabbit in them. There was a nice sauce which was made from the 'Trumpet of Death' Mushrooms on top. I liked my dinner but it was quite a large serving so i didn't end up finishing it.

For dessert I had some nice Gelato Ice-cream (Chocolate, Lemon and Strawberry if you care) and we exited the building. (Awesomeness just exited the building, their lives just got worse!) We went home and I just crashed. I didn't even remember putting my head on my pillow!

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