Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 3 - Ninja!

Last night was a blast! Dad took us to a really expensive restaurant called 'NINJA'! The night started with us leaving the hotel at 6:30 and catching a train to Akasaka, Tokyo. We walked to the restaurant expecting a normal fancy dinner. How wrong we were! We entered and were asked whether we had a reservation. We answered yes and surprisingly a Ninja popped out from a side door. We were confused as there seemed to be nowhere to go for eating. The Ninja palmed a bit of the wall and presto! The wall turned out to be a door. We walked through a dark and rocky tunnel with waterfalls and fake drops all over. The ninja even had to call down a drawbridge to get us through. We exited the tunnel and ended up in a Ninja village with firebrands and everything. We were led to our table and were set down with menus. We each chose something costing at least $100 + drinks! We spent about 45,000 Yen! Dad didn't seem to care though so we waited for our first dish (of ten!) The first dish was ninja-star biscuits with charcoal! THEY LOOKED PRETTY COOL! They were served on a barren tree and had a side of pate. The next cool dish was no 3. We had snails that were served on salt and had a black string leading up to it. The waitress/ninjess set the string on fire! The whole dish went up in fire and burnt out asfast as it had started. WHOOOOF! Another cool thing was the salad. It was served with a "Black Box of Age" The box had and egg of solid salad dressing in it and was cool by use of liquid nitrogen! SOOOOOOO AWESOOOOME! We had the rest of dinner and dessert, paid and were led out by a Ninja through a secret door. Overall the night was AWESOME!

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