Friday, December 24, 2010

Day 9 - Pirates and Redemption


Over here things are pretty hectic! Heaps of Christmas preps, constructions, Emperors birthday was yesterday and Ryan is walking on Dads back! It does feel king of weird not being in Melbourne or Newcastle and still knowing it's Christmas. We keep on forgetting that it's actually Christmas Eve!

This morning was pretty early as we wanted to go and see the Imperial Grounds in Tokyo. We go and had a wonderful breakfast and then went to the Grounds. Unfortunately they were closed because it was the Big Cheese's b'day yesterday. Dad was pretty sad about this but I wasn't super upset. We ended up changing our day plans around for today and tomorrow. Tomorrow we were going to go on a big nature day but we ended up doin it today.

We got on the Shinkasen (Bullet Train) and headed to Odowara - The City of the Soft Serves (As I nicknamed it). From there we went on another train to the base of the cable car run. Once on the cable car we got too see the mountainside which was pretty cool. Sadly it was too cloudy to see Mt Fuji at the time. We got to see a sulfur mine and some hot springs and even a golf course which I thought was random and unnecessary. (Apparently the Japanese are crazy about golf) Once off the cable car we found a restaurant and had lunch. I had this slightly spicy curry with fried pork and rice. MMMMWAH! YUMMY!

After eating lunch Ryan and Dad had to go to the toilet just as we were about to leave... Mum and I had to wait. Finally after about 10 mins We boarded the Pirate Ship! AARRGHHH! There were statues of a pirate and a lookout in the Crows Nest. There was even a dude dressed up as a pirate! (This was really impractical because it was about 1 degreee below freezing and he was walking round outside in little more that a long sleeve T-Shirt and Pants!) We got a nice view of the Lake and Mt Fuji (The clouds had cleared) but I spent most of the time playing PokEmon on my DS.

After getting of the boat Dad spent AGES taking pics of Mt Fuji. After a fair while we set out on our next leg of our journey. It was a half hour walk through Cedar trees! (BOOOOOOORING!!!) Unfortunately, dad found a lookout from where you could see Mt Fuji perfectly! He spent a further 30 mins looking at Fuji and taking photos. We arrived at the bus stop and took it back to the station.

From the station we walked to Odawara Castle and I suddenly had this craving for a soft serve. I was promised one yesterday and never got it... :( Anyway, the castle was cool and we got feed this MASSIVE herd of Coi. (Fish)

After the Castle we walked back to the station with about an hour until our train. We ended up wandering into this arcade and we played 1 round of Time Crisis 4. We got back to the station and waited for our train. Once we go back to Tokyo it was about 6:00pm.

We ended up looking for Yakatori Alley again. (We looked for it for lunch a last time we were in Tokyo.) We ended up finding it! Dad's Epic Fail had been redeemed! It was sooooooo yummy. We finished eating and went back to Ueno. This is where dad spotted a soft serve place...

The soft serve place was FANTASTIC! It had about 13 flavours including Mango, Rockmelon, Custard Pudding, Sweet Potato and even some grapefruit! I ended up having Custard Pudding and it was sooooooo yummmy! More redemption for Daddy!

It's about 10:00pm here and Everybody's telling me to get off so G'night and Merry Christmas!

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