Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 17 - Goodbye Paris and Hello Venice!

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Today was a bit of a slow start. We woke up at 7:15 and I just stayed in bed. I had a shower at about 8:00 which was wonderful. We had breakfast not long afterwards but dad was still asleep (Jealous!) we then relaxed for another hour or so while Mum packed bags for the trip to Venice.

After Mum had finished packing we put our bags in the hotel locker and left for Montmartre. We had to take two trains on the way which was silly because we had to go in a giant V to get there. Once there we walked to the base of the mountain and saw that there were two choices for us. 1: walk up 175 steps to the top of the mountain and; 2: take a cool car Thingy on tracks to the top requiring no effort at all. What did we choose? 1 of course! So there we were, trudging up the steps at an alarmingly slow rate while Ryan raced up to the top and waited 10 minutes for us to get up there! Once up at the top, we had a look out to the lovely view of Paris. Too bad the whole city was foggy! That was a bit of a disappointment so we went inside the church. There was a service going on at the time so we had to be really quiet. There was absolute silence... ...then a baby started bawling its eyes out and broke the tension. There were some cool statues and mosaics in the church but that was about it.

After Montmartre we went to a Macers for lunch. (So much for going the whole trip without Macers!) this was because everything was closed since it was the 1st of January. Afterwards we went to Papa's for a little hang out.

We said goodbye and left to go and book a taxi at the hotel. After that we went and met my Dad's second cousins Nicolas and Anne-Flore. We had hot chocolates and talked until about 5:30. We then picked up our bags and caught our taxi to the train station.

We got there at about 7:00pm and waited there for about 1 hour before boarding. This train is awesome! There are four beds, cup holders, heaps of lights and heaps of hidden baggage space. Thomas, you would love it here!

Anyway, we are gonna be here on the train for another 12 hours so G'night!


  1. Enjoy the rest of the trip!!

    Oh, so I needed something to read and when we were at your house I borrowed some books of your bookshelf.. as I wanted to read the Ranger Apprentice books... do you have the books 8, 9? they did not seem to be with the others in the series!? - Hope you don't mind me borrowing your books!

  2. We were not planning to eat at McDonalds.. just use the bathroom and grab a hot chocolate while mum found a bakery.. that was a fail and so we fed you McDonalds by forfeit.