Saturday, January 22, 2011

Home Time! By Marc

Hallelujah! We are headed home! Finally! It's not that it's been a bad trip, it's been fantastic! I just think that it's time to head home.

This morning was going to be a slow morning but instead it ended up being fast. We woke up at 7 to go to breakfast after showering and dressing. Once at breakfast, I asked why it was so busy there. The guy replied "It's because the park opens at 9 this morning." That was a surprise!

We got back to the room and packed up really quickly and ended up being at the park at 9:05! Today was going to be a The Best of Disneyland Day! We were going to go to all the rides we thought were cool and do them again.

First, we went into the Disneyland part of Disneyland. (lol) we decided to go to the buzz lightyear laser game. This was awesome and I scored rank 3 space pilot. We then went to space mountain because it was awesome! Only mum and I went on that though. We then met up with dad and Ryan at the Matterhorn Bobsled roller coaster. This was definitely one of the most enjoyed rides of the park.

After that, we went to the area that we hadn't been to before. We went there because there was a roller coaster there that we hadn't tried. It ended up being awful. It went pretty fast but there were no really exciting bit and it was really short. Then got on the train which took us all the way around Disneyland.

After this we went to the Indiana Jones ride which we really enjoyed from yesterday. We ended up doing it twice more which made it our most visited ride of the trip. After that we went to the Big Thunder roller coaster because we enjoyed that one from yesterday as well. We thought about doing it twice but we didn't end up doing that.

The last thing we did in Disneyland proper was a shooting range. I did this twice and by the end of it I got pretty good. (btw, this was a shotgun shooting range from the wild west. Not archery) we then left the Disneyland area and went into the California adventure area.

The first thing we did in California adventure was a drawing lesson. This was to fill time but in the end was really awesome. One of the Disney artists came into a big room and showed about 40 people how to draw Minnie Mouse! It was all pretty cool.

Finally! The time you've all been waiting for! The Aladdin musical! This was absolutely amazing! The actors were fantastic, especially the genie! They even managed to write the whole play without Aboo! (Y'know, Aladdin's monkey?)

Finally, we went to the Toy Story cannon game. This was awesome but the lines were too long to do it twice. We thought about doing the big roller coaster again but decided against it. We left Disneyland for the last time and went back to the hotel. We had ice-creams and packed the car.

We got to the airport, checked on our baggage, had dinner and said goodbye to dad as he was leaving to San Francisco. We got through security with no problems and are now waiting at the gate for our boarding time in 1 hour.

I'll see you all soon! Cya!!!!

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