Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 18 - Royal Venetian Exploration

"Yawn... Oh! I'm on a train! Hello!!!"
(Ryan's first words this morning)

This morning we woke up at about 6:30 because of the moving train and all. We woke up and had a bit of a realisation that we were sleeping on a train!We were promised breakfast but it never came so we were lucky to have a croissant handy. Once in Venice we went to a little food court and bought more breakfast/morning tea.

Once out of the station we walked to our place of rest. A Monastery! Monastery! I couldn't believe it! (My anticipation was that we would be sleeping on the cold, stone floor of a church and being forced to wear robes while chanting mindlessly) I was pleasantly surprised. It looks just like a hotel! Except for all the monks and priests walking around. We have a nice big room with four beds, a bathroom, power and lots of cupboards. Nothing like what I though it would be!

After dumping our bags and exploring the room we left to explore Venice. Our first stop would be St Mark's Square! We decided to take a boat cause, y'know, it's Venice. The boat took us all the way round the island instead of going the through the canals which was pretty disappointing. We did get to see the outside though. Once at St Marks square we saw all the cool stuff like towers, the palace and restaurants. We decided to go to have some lunch first so we went to look for a Pizza restaurant. We found one and I had a lovely seafood pizza.

After lunch we went for a look around the Doge's palace. It was awesome. On the first floor there were pillars with carvings on them. 41 of them! On the second floor, the main attractions were the armoury and the prison. In the armoury there were some awesome sets of armour, swords, lances, halberds, spears, pikes, horse bards, crossbows, bolts, claymores, maces, axes, guns, bullets, torture devices and knives. There were so many different styles of each thing. I was in gloriousnous!

After that we left St Mark's square and went on a walk up the main canal. We saw churches museums, restaurants and more in little over half an hour! We then ran into this gondolier who just happened to be free. It was a nice time of night so we decided to go on a gondola ride! It was fantastic! The water, the skill of the driver and mostly seeing how Venice was set up.

After the gondola we went to a boat station and left to find "The best gelato place in Venice". This was an epic fail. Once there we walked up and down so many streets it's not funny! Ryan was getting sick of it so we caught a boat home. We are going to go out to dinner soon and hopefully have some gelato for dessert! Good Night!

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