Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Carcasonne and Barcelona

Hello and welcome to the best read of your life. (just kidding) I'm a bit sick so I won't be writing a very long blog tonight.

First off we had an all you can eat breakfast with rubbish hot chocolate but nice croissants. We spent heaps of time there because we wanted to make our 13 euros worth it.

After breakfast we set out for the medieval part of Carcasonne. It looked so cool with all the walls and all. We first walked around the city a bit. It had heaps of shops selling the game Carcasonne and lots of figurines. We then went out onto the outer wall to look around and clamber a bit. Finally the castle had opened so we went there. The first thing on the tour was a bridge to get across to the castle itself. We then went up to then second floor to work our way down. We first watched a video about the history and reconstruction of the city. Then we went out onto the battlements and ramparts which was pretty cool even though it was raining. Finally we went into a museum and then out a gift shop.

After the castle we went down into the moat and played around. Then we went into the cathedral. I thought this was pretty boring but the glass widows were ok. Finally, we went for lunch and then a final run-around outside the inner wall but inside the outer wall.

After that, we got in the car bound for Barcelona. There were some cool sights to be seen and the trip lasted about 3.5 hours.

Once in barcelona we drove to the hotel and then spent ages looking for a parking spot. After looking for about 10 mins mum and dad sent us inside to watch TV while they found the spot.

We went out for dinner and then went back home to go to bed.

The next day we woke up at 8.15 am. We stayed in our rooms till 9 and then went out for breakfast. It was ok but we are still yet to find a good French patisserie in another country.

We then went on the tram to the big building with funny colored windows which name I cannot remember. We then walked past the monument which sort of looked like the colluseum. Finally we arrived at the sagrada fimilia. This has been under construction for over 150 years!! The inside and outside were spectacular even though it was unfinished. We had an audio guide that was really interesting as well.

We then walked past some more houses built by Gaudi which looked pretty cool. We walked for an hour more around Barcelona before arriving back to the hotel at about 3. We hung out downstairs for a while while the maid cleaned our room. We then went for a swim in a heated pool which was pretty cool.

I watched TV for a while and then we went out to dinner which consisted of many little dishes called Tapes. They included; cuttlefish, chorizos, chicken, potato, meat bomb and some bread. It was DLish!

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  1. I hope the pool was actually heated and NOT Cool :P

    Carcasonne is a fantastic place, Sammi and I must have taken over 2000 photos when we were there.