Monday, January 10, 2011

Walkies and Nice. Then off to Carcasonne

Bonjorno! Sorry for not being able to blog last night. Dad got us lost so we didn't get home till 10 pm. Sprag. (new insult. Yes, uncle guy, son of a beiber already got old)

Yesterday we were meant to check out of the Convent at 10 am or something. But since it was Sunday we didn't have to. We just left our bags in the room and decided to go for a walk. (not that it was a group decision or anything.) First, we decided to got to the big monument or 'the typewriter' or 'the wedding cake' as dad likes to call them. It was pretty cool and Ryan and I played real-life mario kart on the way. (P.S. That's trademarked and it doesn't work.

Next, we went to the oldest bridge in Rome just cause. It was pretty boring. It really is just a bridge. It was built in 62 BC though so that was ok. We then decided to walk to a cool square that dad wanted to go to. Once there we saw a big market, some fountains, some caffes and some guitarist playing some random song. We had a cuppa and left.

On the way to our next destination we saw a gelateria. Mum and dad said that we wouldn't get some until after lunch because there will be heaps. We went to have lunch and afterwards we looked for a gelateria. Wa there one? No. Waaaaah!

We went to the airport and after a massively long wait, we got on a plane. We spent about 5 times as long in the airport than in the airplane. We got out at Nice and caught a cab to our hotel. We checked in and went out for dinner. After dinner we got lost. That being the reason why I called dad a sprag earlier.

In the morning we got up, had brekky and them dad went to FNAC while mum, Ryan and I stayed at the hotel. We checked out and went for a walk. Dad decided it would be nice to get us lost again. Although this time, it was in the rain. Bleeeeccccchhhhhh! Yucccccckkkkkky! We walked around for a bit but then finally got to our destination. We ate lunch and had gelato. (finally).

Finally we went and hired a car, went back to the hotel to get out bags and started to drive to Nice. Since then we've had dinner. That's it. Later.

Uncle Guy. This is a message to you. Plz stop using 'Son of a Bieber' and use 'Sprag' instead. It's cooler. Marc, out.

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