Monday, January 17, 2011

Spies and TRON

Sorry guys. This is just gonna be a lay-down of what we did today since the previous post got post got lost in the process of posting.

First, we got up, had breakfast and were out of the house by 9:15. We decided to go to the Spy Museum. Once there, Ryan and I went into a one hour activity called Operation: Spy. This was a hands-on, interactive experience that simulated what a real spy did. It was really cool. The next thing we did was go into the actual Museum. This was pretty interesting as it had heaps of information on everything to do with spies around the world.

After the museum, we went to have lunch and smoothies. We then walked down to the capitol to look around. It was pretty cool but we couldn't go in because it was Sunday and of course it was closed on Sunday.

Finally, we split up. Mum and Ryan went back to the Air and Space Museum while Dad and I went to go see the movie TRON. It was a pretty good movie and I enjoyed quite a bit. We went downstairs for dinner but none of us were hungry so I had a soup and Mum and Ryan shared a Fish N Chips.

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