Thursday, January 6, 2011

Falling and Rome

This morning I woke up at about 7:30. This was nice because yesterday we woke up reeeeeaaaally early! About 7:15 to be exact. We had breakfast and took our bags down to the lobby so we could check out. We left them in a little room and left the building.

First, we went to the Accademia which was ok. There were lots of sculptures and paintings but the really cool thing was the museum of musical instruments. There were harpsichords, violins, violas, guitars, pianos and more! There was even a bowl that made music! We left that room and went further in to see the sculpture of David by Michelangelo. It was pretty cool because it was so precise.

After the Accademia we decided to go to Pisa. This was a late decision so we didn't have train tickets or anything. So we just rock up at the station and go "Hey! You! Ticket machine! You got any tickets for Pisa? Good! Give us!
And then we got on the train. The train was about 1.25 hours long. That gave me time to play DS. Once at Pisa we caught a cab to the leaning tower. We bought tickets and started to climb. It's really cool because you can really feel that you are leaning. We got to the top and said "Hi Pisa!" and went back down. We went back to the station to have lunch and then caught a train back to Florence.

Once back in Florence, we walked back to the hotel. However, there was this massive parade going on so we couldn't get through. In the end we said "Arbabaaaahhhh!" and barreled our way across the road. We got some gelato again (I heart gelato) and walked back to the hotel. We picked up our bags and walked back to the station. We then got on our train and left for Rome.

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  1. So what are you playing on the DS That is occupying so much of your time.

  2. I'm playing Pokemon and Scribblenauts.