Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 19 - Glass and Bridges

Bonjourno! This morning we woke up pretty late - 7:40! Then of course, Dad us out of the door so we were out by 8:15! We had a nice breakfast but we also learnt something from it. We can by French food in Japan, France, Australia and USA but NOT Italy. We must buy Italian breakfasts here. Bread. Salami. Prego.

After breakfast we went to to boat station so we could go to another island called Murano. This island is famous for its glass-blowing! Once we got there we went to a little place that sold Fanta. But not just any Fanta, Grapefruit Fanta! It was soooo goooood! Anyway, we then had a little look around for this place where we could see glass being blown. Of course, on the way there were heaps of shops so there was ultimate window shopping going on. We had been given 30 Euros from dad for souvenirs. We got to this place that had a guy making stuff. It was cool but not that amazing. I bought a dolphin made of glass from him though. We then went to another place but this guy was was a grand master! Our favourite thing that he made was a horse. The had a blob, then he pulled out the head, then the mane, then the legs, then the tail and voila! There was a horse!!! AMAZING!!!!

We decided to go home with our loot to drop it off. After that we went to the Rialto Bridge. This is a bridge that has shops on it. It was also the only bridge over the grand canal for centuries. After that we took a boat to a church mum had seen earlier that had a cool dome. It also had some cool statues on the inside. We left and went on a really crowded boat back home. On the way we had dinner. I had Gnocchi with seafood. Best Gnocchi ever. If you ever want Gnocchi, come to Venice. We then had dessert - Gelato of course. I had Nougat flavour. It was so good! Finally we walked home.


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