Monday, January 17, 2011

Memorial and Space

This morning was strangely similar to last morning. I woke up, had a shower, got dressed and went down and had breakfast. This morning though, we found out how to make hot chocolates! I had a hot chocolate, froot loops, scrambled eggs, potatoes and some cranberry juice. It was yummy!

The first thing we did today was walk down to the Lincoln Memorial. We did, however, walk past the White House on the way. It was so surreal. It felt sort of like seeing the Mona Lisa. (See blog on the Louvre) There was a security guard standing on the roof so that was pretty funny. We walked down the streets throwing snowballs at one another on the way to the Memorial.

Once there, we went inside this Parthenon type thing which had a massive statue of Abe sitting in a chair. We had a look at the speeches which were engraved into the walls. That was all pretty cool. We then walked towards the Air and Space Smithsonian. We walked past a Korean War Memorial and the Washington Monument on the way.

Once inside, we first went into the Air section. This held heaps of cool models or actual planes and was pouring out with information. We got to design a war-plane, played on flight simulators and and an all-round ball. I then went on an ok but not fantastic flight simulation. We flew in the Wright Brothers plane on a sort of Questacon roller-coaster type thing. It was not that good.

Next, we went into the Planetarium for a show on Black Holes. It was really interesting and even had information on black holes that i did not yet know about. (This is not very often anymore because I watch heaps of videos on Black Holes) We then went to the food court for some lunch.

After the food court we went to the space area. This consisted of stuff on the planets in our Solar System, the Apollo program, the Space Race and much more. We even got to go inside a back-up Skylab! (American Space Station, get with the times!) there were some cool interactive activities and some really interesting facts. Overall, I enjoyed the space area more than the Air area. We left the Museum with 13000 steps under our feet and much more knowledge in our brains. We walked back to the hotel to reeeeelax.

We are now about to leave for dinner. L8R!

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