Thursday, January 20, 2011

Colours and Legoland

Hello people that I will be reconnected with soon! Today was our second last day over seas. I think that this is a good thing because even though we have had a blast, I think that it's time to go home.

Last night was pretty awesome. We went to a water lights show. This was at Disneyland and used fountains, lights and projectors to make an awesome lights show that depicted many famous scenes from Disney movies. It was very cool because of how they did it. The colours were very vibrant and used the colours used were very relevant to the music playing.

After breakfast, we left the resort to go to Legoland! We sat in the car for about 1 and a half hours but that was ok since I had my DS. Once we got there, we waited in line for a while before it opened and had a look at the map.

We spent the full day there at Lego land. There were a couple of really awesome rides and attraction there even though the whole park was aimed at a lower age group. In no particular order, these are the rides and attractions that I thought were awesome!

There was the Knights Tournament. This was a really epic ride that put you in a claw type thing that whirls and chucks you around when you went in. There were 5 levels of intensity. The ones I did were levels 3, 4 and 5. I think this ride was the best of the day.

Another couple of rides that I thought were cool - A roller coaster called "The Dragon", a driving school type thing where you get to drive a mini car and a the game room that they had set up. This was a MMO game called LEGO Universe and it was awesome.

We spent some time doing some LEGO Mindstorm and looking at the mini sets that they had built around the place. We then drove home and I am now looking forward to going back to Disneyland tomorrow.

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