Wednesday, January 19, 2011

To California and shopping.

Good Morning! At 5:00!!! We had to get to the airport this morning at 6:15 so we had to get in a cab at 5:30. We got to the airport and checked on our bags. After much stress as Mum didn't have a seat until 5 minutes before boarding, we got on the plane to LA.

Our plane had to make a brief stop at St Louis on the way so we had about an hour there to add to our flight time. Overall, our flight time was about 8 hours from DC to LA.

Once at the airport in LA, we got a car with a GPS and drove to our hotel. It has a great location. It's just across the road from Disneyland! How awesome is that!!??! We decided to go to the Mall for some shopping.

Once at the mall we went into two game shops and many clothes shops. I got heaps of shirts but no pants. We even found that in one of the game shops that we could get a Shiny Entei through and event! EPIC!

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