Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 21 - Art and Heights.

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This morning we got up extra early so we could see 1500 pieces of artwork! I could not see the point in this and I was very huffed. 1500 paintings! Too many! 1500 too many from my point of view! Anyway, we went downstairs so we could have breakfast. The croissants were really bad but the bread was ok and the hot chocolate was lovely.

Once we left the hotel we walked to the art gallery. I brought my DS so I wouldn't be bored. I didn't see many paintings but I did play a lot of DS. After the art gallery we walked to the cathedral. This had the biggest brick dome in the world! We even get to climb it! 463 steps! That's not over the top at all! Never! I would never even think of that! The view from up there was pretty amazing though so it was worth it. The way down was horrible though. For most of the way down we had to use the same thin stairs as the people going up! Squishy!

After we had gotten out, we went back to the hotel and then out to lunch. We had nice sandwiches off a guy with a cart on the street. Dad really liked his. After that we had more gelato!!! Soooooooooo goooood! I heart gelato! After that Mum, Dad and Ryan went to the old Florence wall but I didn't want to so I stayed at the hotel.

For dinner I had a brilliant ravioli with butter but I also had some of Dad's awesome steak. It was soooooooooo goooood! We tipped the guy $20! Yeah! That good! After dinner we went for more gelato. I really heart gelato!

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