Saturday, January 8, 2011


Bonjorno! This morning we had breakfast. Duuuuuuhhhhh! It was just usual breakfast. Again. I love gelato! Wahoo!

Anyway, I'm pretty tired right now so I'm not gonna write a massively huge blog. First, we went to the Vatican city by cab. We got there waaaayyy to early so we just played DS. Our time for our tour had come. We went in and first we went through the museum of the Vatican reeeaaally slowly. We were led by this really bad, horrible, stinky guide (read Ryan's blog to find out more). There was some cool old stuff inside but it wasn't that interesting because of our bad guide. Then we went into the Sistern chapel. It was really crowded in there. Once we had left the chapel we went into the crypt and the basilica. It's the largest in the world dontcha know!

We then had lunch and gelati. Finally, we went to the Castel of Saint Angelo. It was pretty cool but not the best castle I'd ever been to. We then caught a cab home.

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