Friday, January 7, 2011

(I forgot which day it was) - Gladiator!

Good Morning! We woke up nice and late this morning because breakfast was being served later than usual. It was ok. The breakfast. The waking up of the late was of the fantastic measures! Weird grammar. That's me. Oh yeah. Ryan here. Just kidding. Brawhahaha!

Ok, down to business. First, we went to the Colosseum. This was pretty cool because gladiators used to fight there! Awesome! There was a really badly set up audio guide because it told us to go to certain places that were blocked off. It so decayed! It really is awesome though. Yeah. Awesome. Weird grammar. Gelato. Cool!

Next we went to the Roman Forum which was cool because it was so old. There were heaps of ruins and columns and stuff. There were even Terracotta Warriors on display! We then went to the Palatine Hill next door. It had Nero, Flavian and Augustus' houses in it! That was cool as well!

By now I think you have gathered that I think old stuff is cool. That means Rome is cool. The ruins. Except Dad doesn't like them. Weird grammar. Oh yeah. We then caught a cab to the Pantheon. (BTW. the cabs in Rome are crazy. Well, driving in Rome is crazy. You gotta dodge people every 2 metres!) Basically the only cool thing about this place is the name because it sounds like the Parthenon. Inside is some tombs a nativity scene cause it's Christmas and some paintings. That's it! We then had lunch which was sooooo nice. Then we got really under-priced gelatos! 3 flavours for 2.80! I had Pineapple, Cookies and Cream and Coconut.

Then went to the Trevi Fountain. We got to throw money in over our backs which was really cool. We saw these blob things that you splat and then they reform. We didn't get any there though. (We got some later) We then went to the Spanish Steps which is weird. I think they should be called the Spanish Steps of Rome. If you say to someone that you went to the Spanish Steps they're gonna ask you how Spain was! We bought the blob things there.

Second lastly, we decided to walk along the River until we got to the castle. (No, they are not actually called 'The River' and 'The Castle'. I just can't remember their names). This took a while but it was fun anyway. Finally, we caught a really crazy cab to the Circus Maximus. (BTW, it's not a circus. It's a horse race track. Figure that out!) It was pretty boring. Just a patch of grass and some not so big rocks. We then walked back home.

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